The Life of Your Deposit – From Realtor to Closing

General Jenni Jackson 22 Feb

The Life of a Deposit – From Realtor to Closing Buying a property can be overwhelming. Knowing who does what, where your money goes and all the ins and outs will provide you with some peace of mind when it comes to your deposit. Typically, when purchasing you are required to put a deposit down. […]

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5 Tips to Get Pre-Approved for a Higher Loan Amount

General Jenni Jackson 6 Feb

5 Tips to Get Pre-Approved for a Higher Loan Amount Getting pre-approved is a crucial first step when buying a home. It tells you how much you can spend on a home between your down payment and the approved loan amount. Sometimes, though, the pre-approval amount is lower than what you expect, throwing a wrench […]

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What To Do if Canada Enters a Recession

General Jenni Jackson 23 Jan

What To Do If Canada Enters A Recession Recessions can feel scary. But, before a recession hits, most Canadians can feel it coming. Here’s what to look for and how to react should a recession hit Canada in 2023. What is a Recession? A recession occurs after six months of negative gross domestic product (GDP). […]

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From the Ground Up – Building a New Home

General Jenni Jackson 27 Jan

Building a home from the ground up can be both an exciting and a daunting experience. On one hand, it is exciting to be able to choose your land, your home plan, and the finishes. On the other, a build requires extensive planning with not only the build itself, but also regarding landscaping, services, and […]

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Variable vs Fixed Rate?

General Jenni Jackson 13 Jan

VARIABLE vs FIXED   When it comes to mortgages, the age-old question remains: “Should I go with a variable or a fixed-rate?”. To make an informed decision, it is important to look at not only the historical trends, but to also be aware of your own comfort level. There is no advice that can be […]

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Separating? What is Next for Your Home?

General Jenni Jackson 2 Nov

AFTER A SEPARATION – What is next for your home? Separating, whether through divorce or ending a common law relationship, is never an easy step. If you find yourself in this situation, you are certainly not alone – latest statistics show that 38% of all marriages in Canada end in divorce. Losing your relationship does […]

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Purchase Plus Improvements

General Jenni Jackson 1 Oct

Have you found a home in the perfect location but the finishings are less than ideal? Maybe the house needs new shingles or updated doors. Great news – we have a mortgage product for that! A Purchase Plus improvements mortgage allows you to add the costs of renovations to your mortgage. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? […]

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Rural Properties – What You Need to Know

General Jenni Jackson 28 Jan

Interested in a Rural Property? Buying a home in the country is a dream for many, but there are a few important points to keep in mind before you dive right in! Here are a few things you should know: Check The Zoning: When it comes to buying rural property, it is important to check […]

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Rent-to-Own: Ensuring your Success

General Jenni Jackson 8 Jan

RENT-TO-OWN: Ensuring your Success   Rent to Own’s can be tricky to complete in the lending space, however; if set up properly this type of contract can lead you down the path towards home ownership. A rent-to-own contract is essentially a purchase contract with an extended period of time between the acceptance of the contract […]

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Consider the Closing Costs

General Jenni Jackson 7 Jan

CLOSING COSTS! In addition to your down payment, there are a few other costs to consider when purchasing a home: DEPOSIT ON PURCHASE Once your offer to purchase is accepted, you will be required to submit a deposit on your purchase. The amount can vary, and so you should discuss with your Realtor what is […]

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